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To join the staff of Zelda 101, I.M. me and tell me what your past website skills are, whether you have your own site or you have helped out with one.Be sure to mention this in your letter!

I will tell what is or is not open at the moment.


I am a co-worker for Zelda 101. I am 22 years old and a loverrrr of Zelda. I help out alot with ideas to give to Ezlo21! It's amazing as to how much this site has progressed over the years! It seems like just yesterday when it all started! I was there! Now look at it. We started out using just regular geocities pagebuilder and now we have went further and further and now we are php!! Go Zelda 101!!

Nayru-I make banners and help with content and layouts.I am 16 years old.I like playing games, fooling around in Photoshop, going on the computer and working on my site.

Sequence-I will be helping Ezlo21 out with Layouts, Graphics, and Zelda History.I am 20 years old.I was a part of Zelda Glitches which later turned into Xeforce. I like Programming, Multi Media and Design, Gaming, Soccer, Art and Reading, and History.

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