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Camp Hyrule - This explains what Camp Hyrule was when Nintendo had it.

Chatroom - This Chatroom is from Hyrule.net which you can use whenever you want.

Commercials - You can watch Game and System TV Commercials here.

Forums - This link leads to our forums.

Forum Links - This is where you can go if you want to see other forums.

Links - If you are not an Affiliate of Zelda 101 you will be placed here.

Music - This is our Music section.You can get or listen to Nintendo and Sega based music.

Old Game Trailers - This is where I put the old trailers of the games I had on this website at one point.

TGS Room - This was for the 1 time Nintendo went to the Tokyo Game Show.

Topsite - This is our Topsite list.There is also a Button just below this showing the rank of our site.

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