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Wiikly Jokes

If you have any Wiikly Jokes about Nintendo's Wii home console and want to see them on this page tell me.I will put them up for this whole week.

Every Friday i will be doing this and the old Wiikly jokes for this month will be put in there own little section as well. This weeks wiikly Jokes are as follows:

This Week's Wiikly Joke is from NintendoBeyond:

Let's say you wanted your friend to come over and challenge you with your Nintendo Wii. you call him up & worded everything wrong & said. "Hey want to come over to my house & play with my Wii."

This Wiikly Jokes are also from me and you can read them just below:

Wii hate stupid annoying pointless messages!
Wii are not going to E3!
A dog ate my Wiiner!
Tony Hawk Wiii!
Shigeru Miyamoto is playing with his Wiiiiii!
Reggie Fils-Aime is playing Super Smash Bros Wiiiiii!
Eiji Aonuma is playing Legend of Zelda: Wiiiiiii!
The old Wiikly jokes can be found by clicking the link below:

Old Wiikly Jokes

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